Grand Canyon as the Natural Wonder of the Earth;

Grand Canyon is known as the natural wonder of the earth. If you think that geology is boring then Grand Canyon is the place to prove you wrong. Here we are going to give you 20 reasons why you should visit this place:

  1. There are more than 6 million people who visit this place per year. A lot of people come and they can’t be wrong in choosing the right place.
  2. Photographs does not fulfill the perfect description of this natural wonder. You must visit this place once in a lifetime.
  3. It is not an easy task to forget this memorable trip to Grand Canyon, one of the best places on earth.
  4. If you are athlete or adventurous person then you can hike or raft in the Colorado river. You can also enjoy endless possibilities whenever you experience a ride on a mule. If you are not outdoor person then you can enjoy the beauty of Canyon from helicopter tour. Make sure to have plenty of time to enjoy sightseeing on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour.
  5. Have you ever taken a ride on mule? Get ready to have this ride and saddle up for a bumpy and breathtaking ride down to the Grand Canyon floor.
  6. You will see many waterfalls in Grand Canyon, Havasu Falls in Havasupai Indian Reservation and Ribbons Falls on the South Rims Kaibab trail.
  7. You can see many wild flowers in Grand Canyon, approximately 650 types of wildflowers found in Grand Canyon National Park. A lot of pretty flowers are found including yellow ragweed, pink toadflax, purple rocky mountain iris and red indian paintbrush.
  8. Don’t think about Grand Canyon, a place of sand dunes. Grand Canyon has fresh air by the sweet scents of the ponderosa pine and fir trees. Your olfactory system will be thrilled by the sweet air, you will be rejuvenated.
  9. Grand Canyon National park is perfect place for families, park offers plenty of fun activities for kids. You can for fossil hunting and junior ranger training.
  10. You can also enjoy special events in National park. In september, Grand Canyon Musical event will be held on south rim. There’s plenty of holiday cheers during christmas and halloween is also celebrated here with a lot of different scary ideas.
  11. Grand Canyon National Park gives all types of services to handicapped people. You will find handicapped-accessible bathrooms, showers, campsites, guest rooms and parking lot.
  12. Superb sunrises and sunsets can be seen in Grand Canyon.
  13. A supreme stillness and beautiful silence can be felt in Grand Canyon. If you are stressed out with your urban life, plan a trip to Grand Canyon.
  14. Perfect place for photographs.
  15. The Grand Canyon is also famous for wildlife. You can see many mule deer relaxing in the sun, coyote howl can be seen there. You can spot horned owl on trees.
  16. Many researchers found from the artifacts that human have inhabited in Grand Canyon as far back as 4000 years ago and journeyed through it more than 6500 years ago.
  17. You can enjoy stroll on a skywalk. A place on Hualapai Indian Reservation, at Grand Canyon west.
  18. Grand Canyon is very old place. It is 6 million years old. The Colorado River carved the Grand Canyon in past 6 million years. The rocks found here are 2 billion years old which are estimated as half of the earth’s age.
  19. Grand Canyon is the oldest park of USA, it is named by the President Woodrow.
  20. Grand Canyon National park encompasses a whopping 1,217,403 acre, and Canyon itself is deep and width is 10 miles. It is truly iconic American experience.

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