What kind of person tends to be metabolic?

[Characteristics of Japanese metabolism (difference between men and women with metabolic syndrome)]

When you hear the word “metabolism”, what kind of person do you imagine?
I imagine a person who is unbalanced, a person who eats big. Why did it become metabolic? Let’s look at gender differences based on standard of living.

◆ Cause of Metabolic Syndrome
<Male> <Women>
· Abdominal girth 85 cm or more · Abdominal girth 90 cm or more
· Cereal · Decrease of estrogen by breakfast · Decrease
of hormones · High risk of stress
· High number of bowls · Eating while
lack of vegetables

<Common points of both genders>
· Before going to bed, eat more than three times a week
· Lack of exercise
· Life rhythm, disorder of sleep
· irregular eating habits (eg, morning and night, 1 meal per day)

If you eat late at night, the activity time of gastrointestinal tract decreases, you can not digest what you ate and accumulate.
Compared with the past, there are many fat and high calorie items such as meat and fried foods, and vegetable shortage and excessive salinity are causes to widen the chest.
Continue the disoriented diet,
· Let’s review the standard of living as hyperlipidemia
, hypertension
, hyperglycemia
will result.

◆ Irregular living
<Men> <Women>
· Business entertainment · Many snacks
· Family services on holidays · Disturbance of sleep
· Amount of tobacco · Alcohol · Undetermined time

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<Common points between genders>
· Society of cars
· Computer society
· It is hard to get tired even when you are absent
· Child-centered life

I am absorbed in entertainment, day and night are reversed, I can not wake up in the morning.
Let ‘s have a living in the morning sun.

◆ What kind of occupation is likely to be metabolic?
【Waist circumference diameter】 【blood pressure value】 【blood sugar value】 【lipid value】 Based on the values of the
sexes examined and summarized.
<Male version>
· Construction industry
· Transportation industry
· School teacher, research scientist
/ cooperative member, service industry
<Women’s education>
· Combined service business such as medical care
, nursing care
, cooperative association
and post office

According to a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare over 20 years in obese men in their 30s to 40s, three out of ten people are obese.
There is a problem that obesity is bad in appearance, but various problems arise even further in terms of health. Let’s try to take moderate exercise and try to live a healthy, well-ordered life.

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