Importance of metabolic examination

In recent years, the number of people who have troubles with metabolism is on the rise. The cause seems to be due to eating too much and exercise shortage in many cases. How can I resolve such troubles due to life insurance? This time, I would like to think about the basics of metabolic therapy. ◆ Optimal metabolic treatment method Gotta is a medical metabolic treatment. There are the following four.  ① Dietary therapy · · · · · We will do planned diet restrictions with doctors and nutritionists guidance. In self-current, it is caution necessary to lose weight and repeat the rebound. ② Therapy by exercise · · · We will do body making it difficult to become obese by the guidance of exercise medicine experts. In muscle movement, line a combination of aerobic exercise and flexibility exercise have. ③Treatment by Surgery · · · Obesity is eliminated by weight loss surgery for obese people who are sick. It is better to start by consulting a trusted doctor as putting a scalpel directly on the body or hit an injection. ④ Treatment with medicine · · · treats with obesity treatment medicine to suppress appetite. Novartis Pharmaceutical ‘s Sanrex is famous and requires the prescription by a doctor.

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Recently, a method called “Medicare Diet” that combines the advantages of multiple treatments has been developed. ◆ Medium care diet! It is the greatest attraction that you can lose weight without restricting your diet. What is the way to do it is a diet that works on the “brain”. A counselor specialized in obesity treatment combines medication treatment that is the cause of obesity and medicine treatment done under the guidance of a pharmacist and advice of a nutritionist. With this weight reduction method, there is no need to plant the directive that it should not be eaten in the brain, and will naturally lose weight on its own. As above, we have introduced a variety of methods of treatment as important for metabolic screening, but it is considered that it is the first choice to find a diet method that can be continued according to individual preference. Let’s also connect to “successful metabolic treatment” by everyone’s treatment method that suits them.

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