How old are the metabolic syndrome?

certainly know that the word “metabolic syndrome” is
familiar to you, but it is probably quite a few people who can hear it in detail asked by people.
Let’s increase knowledge so that we can tell you more about how much age actually corresponds to this word.

◆ What is “Metabolic Syndrome”?
Also called alias = visceral fat syndrome, it refers  to a state in which lifestyle diseases such as multiple diseases and abnormalities such as
, diabetes
, dyslipidemia (hyperlipemia)
are overlapped due to accumulation of visceral fat .

What is the concept of “metabolic syndrome”?

Even in the state of “metabolic reserve army” or “mild condition” not meeting the diagnostic criteria of each disease, if they overlap with three of them, it will lead to myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction from the viewpoint of progression of arteriosclerosis which is very well explained in Psychology Facts, It is a metabolic syndrome idea to grasp as a condition that you must hit your hands

◆ Diagnostic criteria for metabolic syndrome (more than one applies)
· abdominal circumference ⇒ male over 85 cm / female over 90 cm
· serum lipid ⇒ (neutral fat <triglyceride> value is 150 mg / dL or more or
HDL – cholesterol level is 40 mg / dL)

· Blood pressure → systolic blood pressure> 13 mmHg or diastolic blood pressure> 85 mm Hg

· Blood glucose ⇒ fasting blood glucose level> 110 mg / dL

◆ Percentage of ‘Metabolic syndrome’ by age
• Male aged 20-29 years 2.6% Female 0.0%
· Male aged 30-39 5.7% Female 0.5%
· Male aged 40-49 Male 14.1% Female 3.1%
· 50 to 59 years old male 25.1% female 8.6%
· 60 to 69 years old male 26.3% female 16.3%
· over 70 years old male 28.0% female 21.3%

Thus, one of two men aged 40 to 70 years old and one in five women apply to metabolic syndrome.
Also, if you look at the percentage above, you will find that there is a possibility that it is true even if you are young.
Even those who do not apply for age, the guards are enemies. Let’s try to live a regular life.

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