Why are games important to children?


Why are games important to children?

Because they help learning in a playful way and put them in front of several challenges. In playing worldof-solitaire, they learn to build hypotheses, to develop strategies, to cooperate, to decide, to wait, to take risks, to follow rules, to deal with the feeling of winning and losing, to live together, to solve problems, among other meaningful learning.

In the classroom, as a methodological strategy for mathematical learning, we can, for example, explore notions related to the comparison of quantities, quantification, numerical sequence and operations.

That is why in be. Living, from a young age, our children are invited to participate in countless playful situations, which aim at the development of various capacities, and for that to happen, games such as bowling, track, dominoes, ball to the basket, game of the brigadier, among others, are quite used in Early Childhood Education.


– How about practicing some of those games at home?

  • Memory: for little ones, 3 years old, the tip is to start with fewer pairs and with the pieces facing up. As they learn to play, you can propose other challenges, such as turning the cards down.
  • Bowling: Count how many bottles have been knocked over and try to register, your way, this amount, can make the game more challenging.


  • Course games: For the little ones, who are around three years old, invest in smaller tracks, which stimulate the account, without dialing the numbers. Use little dolls, animals, strollers instead of pedestrians and just one die. They love! For the elders, build a trail game with them. Cut out small squares of colored cardstock, stick them on some paper support and help the child in the sequence of numbers, but let him write. If necessary, leave a numerical reference, such as a calendar, in case he needs to do any research.

Some tips:

  • It is not enough to play for play, it is necessary to have availability and patience;
  • Young children are learning to share, so they cannot always follow rules;
  • Make this a pleasant experience.

It is necessary to value what the child does and likes to do: play and play!

Snapchat’s love by Teenagers

I eased back to get on board with Snapchat. I didn’t see the moment that I as of now had accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be that as it may, in the end, I chose to attempt it, and now I’d say that Snapchat is regularly more charming and helpful than different stages.

In the event that you are new to Snapchat, here’s a snappy review. Snapchat is an approach to share pictures and recordings, called “snaps.” You can control to what extent a companion can see your snaps—up to 10 seconds. Furthermore, companions can just open your snaps once. There is an open perspective to Snapchat, as well, called “snap stories.” If you present a snap on your “story,” every one of your companions can see the post the same number of times as they like for 24 hours.

It’s sensible. Since snaps must be seen once and stories invigorate at regular intervals, my snap encourage is anything but difficult to look at rapidly. Though checking Twitter or Instagram can undoubtedly transform into 30 minutes of stalking somebody’s posts from 2013.

There are no “preferences” or remarks. That implies Snapchat is less around 1 looking for endorsement — attempting to get the greatest number of preferences as you can on Instagram, for instance—and more about offering minutes to companions. A ton of adolescents discovers it an alleviation not to need to stress over “preferences” on Snapchat.

Nobody perceives what number of “companions” you have. That is likewise a help for youngsters and, for me at any rate, it additionally implies that Snapchat clients are less disposed to acknowledge demands from outsiders. Since for what reason would you when “companion” numbers don’t make a difference?

It doesn’t hoard your memory. You get to both send and get your snaps, while never sparing anything to your telephone.

It’s enjoyable. You can alter your snaps in such huge numbers of ways, including inscriptions, emoticons (who doesn’t love emoticons?) interesting impacts, channels, and parts more.

Safety measures for Teenagers Using Snapchat

In any case, I suggest a couple of safety measures:

Try not to sending anything you’ll lament. It’s valid that snaps don’t wait on the Internet like Facebook or Instagram posts—we’ve all heard awfulness stories about a school affirmations officer or boss finding old pictures As there are some applications like Download SaveMySnaps Android Apk with anyone can easily download snapchat videos.

however, it’s anything but difficult to take a screen capture of a snap, so I never send or post anything I may lament. On the off chance that somebody takes a screen capture of your snap, you will be told.

Set profiles to private. I additionally set my profile to private, and to be additional protected, I’m really meticulous about whom I acknowledge as a companion.

The Series of Top Emulators

Numerous reasons why somebody would need the android emulator for PC and MAC. As the Technology Rapidly changing so android application engineers attempting to test their applications previously presenting in Market. Everybody needs a console and a mouse to play recreations, so here we are present to examine the five best Android Emulators for PC and MAC Some of them May require Some Technical Knowledge for their better utilize and comprehension. Some of them are made similarly. So it is our undertaking to locate the perfect right one according to our Requirements. So Let’s Get Started. GameCube Emulator android-Dolphin Emulator Dolphin Emulator is essentially a phenomenal form of Nintendo GameCube and Wii Emulator Developed for Windows intended for Touchscreen Control. Because of the number of good audits, YouTube hits and low space of 8.81MB Dolphin Emulator is known as number one in Best Android Emulators for PC.

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Droid4X It has its good and bad times in all expressions yet at the same time have an established Android Emulators for your Personal Computer. Because of its straightforward plan, it is anything but difficult to utilize. Much the same as other Android Emulators the client can do efficiency stuff according to his prerequisites. The terrible things about Droid4x are it could be surrey additionally found the temperamental item. A decent Feature is it is MAC perfect.

KMPlayer Another Emulator in Market Specially intended for PC with the fundamental spotlight on gaming. By utilizing it, the client would emulator be able to a controller with his console. With the Recording, the Quality player can have an office to record their Gameplay. It is anything but difficult to introduce as Run. Because of these great Features engineer can utilize it for various things yet it is as yet discovered surrey it’s a decent alternative to use for nothing.

How old are the metabolic syndrome?

certainly know that the word “metabolic syndrome” is
familiar to you, but it is probably quite a few people who can hear it in detail asked by people.
Let’s increase knowledge so that we can tell you more about how much age actually corresponds to this word.

◆ What is “Metabolic Syndrome”?
Also called alias = visceral fat syndrome, it refers  to a state in which lifestyle diseases such as multiple diseases and abnormalities such as
, diabetes
, dyslipidemia (hyperlipemia)
are overlapped due to accumulation of visceral fat .

What is the concept of “metabolic syndrome”?

Even in the state of “metabolic reserve army” or “mild condition” not meeting the diagnostic criteria of each disease, if they overlap with three of them, it will lead to myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction from the viewpoint of progression of arteriosclerosis which is very well explained in Psychology Facts, It is a metabolic syndrome idea to grasp as a condition that you must hit your hands

◆ Diagnostic criteria for metabolic syndrome (more than one applies)
· abdominal circumference ⇒ male over 85 cm / female over 90 cm
· serum lipid ⇒ (neutral fat <triglyceride> value is 150 mg / dL or more or
HDL – cholesterol level is 40 mg / dL)

· Blood pressure → systolic blood pressure> 13 mmHg or diastolic blood pressure> 85 mm Hg

· Blood glucose ⇒ fasting blood glucose level> 110 mg / dL

◆ Percentage of ‘Metabolic syndrome’ by age
• Male aged 20-29 years 2.6% Female 0.0%
· Male aged 30-39 5.7% Female 0.5%
· Male aged 40-49 Male 14.1% Female 3.1%
· 50 to 59 years old male 25.1% female 8.6%
· 60 to 69 years old male 26.3% female 16.3%
· over 70 years old male 28.0% female 21.3%

Thus, one of two men aged 40 to 70 years old and one in five women apply to metabolic syndrome.
Also, if you look at the percentage above, you will find that there is a possibility that it is true even if you are young.
Even those who do not apply for age, the guards are enemies. Let’s try to live a regular life.

What kind of person tends to be metabolic?

[Characteristics of Japanese metabolism (difference between men and women with metabolic syndrome)]

When you hear the word “metabolism”, what kind of person do you imagine?
I imagine a person who is unbalanced, a person who eats big. Why did it become metabolic? Let’s look at gender differences based on standard of living.

◆ Cause of Metabolic Syndrome
<Male> <Women>
· Abdominal girth 85 cm or more · Abdominal girth 90 cm or more
· Cereal · Decrease of estrogen by breakfast · Decrease
of hormones · High risk of stress
· High number of bowls · Eating while
lack of vegetables

<Common points of both genders>
· Before going to bed, eat more than three times a week
· Lack of exercise
· Life rhythm, disorder of sleep
· irregular eating habits (eg, morning and night, 1 meal per day)

If you eat late at night, the activity time of gastrointestinal tract decreases, you can not digest what you ate and accumulate.
Compared with the past, there are many fat and high calorie items such as meat and fried foods, and vegetable shortage and excessive salinity are causes to widen the chest.
Continue the disoriented diet,
· Let’s review the standard of living as hyperlipidemia
, hypertension
, hyperglycemia
will result.

◆ Irregular living
<Men> <Women>
· Business entertainment · Many snacks
· Family services on holidays · Disturbance of sleep
· Amount of tobacco · Alcohol · Undetermined time

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<Common points between genders>
· Society of cars
· Computer society
· It is hard to get tired even when you are absent
· Child-centered life

I am absorbed in entertainment, day and night are reversed, I can not wake up in the morning.
Let ‘s have a living in the morning sun.

◆ What kind of occupation is likely to be metabolic?
【Waist circumference diameter】 【blood pressure value】 【blood sugar value】 【lipid value】 Based on the values of the
sexes examined and summarized.
<Male version>
· Construction industry
· Transportation industry
· School teacher, research scientist
/ cooperative member, service industry
<Women’s education>
· Combined service business such as medical care
, nursing care
, cooperative association
and post office

According to a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare over 20 years in obese men in their 30s to 40s, three out of ten people are obese.
There is a problem that obesity is bad in appearance, but various problems arise even further in terms of health. Let’s try to take moderate exercise and try to live a healthy, well-ordered life.

Importance of metabolic examination

In recent years, the number of people who have troubles with metabolism is on the rise. The cause seems to be due to eating too much and exercise shortage in many cases. How can I resolve such troubles due to life insurance? This time, I would like to think about the basics of metabolic therapy. ◆ Optimal metabolic treatment method Gotta is a medical metabolic treatment. There are the following four.  ① Dietary therapy · · · · · We will do planned diet restrictions with doctors and nutritionists guidance. In self-current, it is caution necessary to lose weight and repeat the rebound. ② Therapy by exercise · · · We will do body making it difficult to become obese by the guidance of exercise medicine experts. In muscle movement, line a combination of aerobic exercise and flexibility exercise have. ③Treatment by Surgery · · · Obesity is eliminated by weight loss surgery for obese people who are sick. It is better to start by consulting a trusted doctor as putting a scalpel directly on the body or hit an injection. ④ Treatment with medicine · · · treats with obesity treatment medicine to suppress appetite. Novartis Pharmaceutical ‘s Sanrex is famous and requires the prescription by a doctor.

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Recently, a method called “Medicare Diet” that combines the advantages of multiple treatments has been developed. ◆ Medium care diet! It is the greatest attraction that you can lose weight without restricting your diet. What is the way to do it is a diet that works on the “brain”. A counselor specialized in obesity treatment combines medication treatment that is the cause of obesity and medicine treatment done under the guidance of a pharmacist and advice of a nutritionist. With this weight reduction method, there is no need to plant the directive that it should not be eaten in the brain, and will naturally lose weight on its own. As above, we have introduced a variety of methods of treatment as important for metabolic screening, but it is considered that it is the first choice to find a diet method that can be continued according to individual preference. Let’s also connect to “successful metabolic treatment” by everyone’s treatment method that suits them.

Unhealthy dietary life in metabolism

Recently I often hear about topics related to visceral fat and lifestyle diseases.

Obesity, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia (diabetes), hypertension and so on.
The state where these are compounded is called “metabolic syndrome”, and the cause of the disease may be visceral fat type obesity, abnormal lipid metabolism, abnormality of glucose metabolism, abnormality of blood pressure, etc.
By the way, let’s tell about various ways of metabolic syndrome and how to improve by diet therapy this time.

Factors of
Metabolic Syndrome The cause of metabolic syndrome is overeatment and lack of exercise. It may cause visceral fat, abnormal metabolism may occur if visceral fat is made more than necessary. As symptoms progress,
blood cholesterol and neutral fat increase more than necessary, causing arteriosclerosis.
Since eating habits and exercise can prevent and improve in many cases, let’s review the lifestyle first.

◆ Are you a metabolic syndrome? What? What?

□ Are you making belly buttons?
□ Do you take a lot of dietary fiber such as vegetables?
□ Are you chewing and eating slowly?
□ Have you used oils with a lot of oil ingredients for cooking?
□ Have you refrained from eating out supper?
□ Are you using a lot of seasoning, such as soy sauce, yakumatsuyu, or much?
□ Is alcohol used moderately?

Those who apply mostly to these check items may be a metabolic syndrome.
Let’s try to figure out more in detail.

◆ Diagnostic criteria for
metabolic syndrome · Establishment of diagnostic criteria for metabolic syndrome in April 2005
【Accumulation of visceral fat】
① Waist circumference male ≧ 85 cm
Female ≧ 90 cm
(corresponding to ≧ 100 cm² for both internal fat area and males and females)
② blood glucose level → hungry Hypoglycemia ≧ 110 mg / dL
③ blood pressure → systolic phase (maximum) blood pressure ≧ 130 mm Hg
and or
diastolic (minimum) blood pressure ≧ 85 mm Hg
④ serum lipid → high triglycerideemia ≧ 150 mg / dL
low HDL cholesterolaemia <40 mg / dL

※ If more than 2 items out of 3 items of ① waist circumference plus, ② ~ ④ apply, please take medical examinations or get medical examination at your family’s medical facility etc.

In my example, I was hospitalized because I had a sickness, but before I was hospitalized I was obese. However, when I was discharged because of the hospital stay during hospitalization I was losing 6 kg. Even now, I continue diet restrictions at home. In this way, it is better to continue the meal restriction so that rebounding does not become metabolism even after giving results with the first meal restriction.
“Continuity is power” is not it?

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◆ Improve meals and review lifestyle
<Before reviewing the amount to eat …>
It is important to eat with a diet regimen considering the balance of calorie and nutrients, but
try ① “bellybone”.
② It is important to incorporate ‘Japanese food’ with less animal fat.
It is very easy to take Western food such as bread meal and cornflakes at breakfast, but why not try switching to “Japanese food” considering the disease?

<About Foodstuff>
Vegetables, beans, mushrooms, seaweeds, etc. are low calories,
and it is also one of the optimal ingredients that do not increase visceral and visceral fat if you mention the ingredients.
Besides, this dietary fiber will also act as a hindrance to the absorption of lipids and carbohydrates in the body, so
it will be like two birds with one stone.

<Review of lifestyle habits>
First of all, what will lead to lifestyle diseases? What? What?
Generally said cause is like this.

· Meals / diet
, smoking
· drinking
· irregular sleep
· lack of exercise
· menopause (disease due to decrease in female hormone)

Such a thing is now spreading also for children, and
it is an era when the disease name of pediatric lifestyle disease (children’s illness) is emerging.
In such a background, when an adult shows such a cause as described above, it
infects children as well as a chain, and it falls into a vicious circle.